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‘Sacred space was violated’ with shots fired at Ridgewood church, pastor says

Village Mayor Paul Aronsohn credited local police, the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies for bringing quick closure to the case. “They went above and beyond,” he said of the police. “I just want to thank them as mayor, but also a resident of Ridgewood and as a parent.”

Police arrest two men in connection with Ridgewood church shooting

Ridgewood’s mayor, Paul Aronsohn, praised the village Police Department for its efforts. “They went above and beyond for us,” he said.

Ridgewood officials: Lead is not in water supply

Mayor Paul Aronsohn asked Scheibner if there was a reason to be concerned.

Ridgewood planner faces cross-examination in housing hearings

Later in the three-hour meeting, Mayor Paul Aronsohn emphasized that this amendment is a "working document." "That was just to get this process going. We haven't agreed on anything," Aronsohn said.