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Civility Should Become the “New Normal”

Ultimately, I believe we need to create a "new normal" with respect to the way we treat each other. More civility. More respect. Disagreement is fine and often good, but we need to disagree without being disagreeable.

Questioning of Ridgewood planner coming to close

Aronsohn has suggested creating multiple amendments, so zones could be separately considered. After the meeting, Aronsohn explained that after this hearing process ends, the board will decide whether to amend – or not amend. If it wants to amend, the board will consider voting on the current draft amendment or proposing changes to it, such as...

Ridgewood Fire Department to hold blood drive on Dec. 19

"We're very excited about Friday's drive because it provides our community with a relatively easy way to make an important difference in someone's life," said Mayor Paul Aronsohn. "I'll be donating platelets, which are often needed by people with blood disorders and other health challenges."

Kelly: Hackensack Council civility rule walks a fine line on free speech

But Ridgewood Mayor Paul Aronsohn said his community never considered adopting a formal ordinance to specifically regulate the tone of critical remarks. “You want to encourage a robust conversation with the residents,” Aronsohn said. “You don’t want to put limits on it. You want people to be free. At the same time, people should treat each...