The Ridgewood News

By Joyce Venezia Suss

Occupation and volunteer position: Director of executive communications for Bristol-Myers Squibb; member of the Village Council.

Age: 45.

How long I have lived in Ridgewood: Six years.

My favorite place to relax in Ridgewood: My living room couch.

A “perfect day” in Ridgewood would include: Going for a long morning walk (coffee in hand) with my wife; spending time at the library; eating downtown with my wife and kids; and then back to my living room couch to sleep through a good movie.

The best-kept secret in the village: Ridgewood’s four interfaith religious services (Holocaust remembrance, Martin Luther King Jr., Thanksgiving and Disability).

The best thing about Ridgewood: The people and the sense of community.

One thing I would like to change in the village: Although we are more advanced than most towns, I would like to make Ridgewood completely accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

The best part of my job: Being in a position to help people … and to fix things that need to be fixed.

The big decision I’m currently wrestling with: The Planning Board ordinance concerning Valley Hospital.

Something that no one knows about me: I have occasionally voted for Republicans.

The quality I like best about myself: My sense of humor.

I laugh at: Seinfeld reruns and the first three seasons of “The Office.”

I am really good at: Listening.

I admire: People who overcome adversity.

One skill every person should have: Compassion.

A favorite memory: Meeting Nelson Mandela.

Something you’d never guess about me: I spent my early career working on international security issues, including arms control, non-proliferation and peacekeeping.

Books I am currently reading: “Too Big To Fail” by Andrew Ross Sorkin, “The ABC of Color” by W.E.B. Dubois, and recent issues of “The Economist” magazine.

I will never understand: Indifference.

Something that’s been on my mind lately: Governor Christie’s unconscionable cuts to funding for seniors (nursing homes), women (health care), college students (tuition grants), and his shameless $90 million tax increase on low-income workers (earned income tax credit reduction).

My guilty pleasure: Gummy candies.

My hero: Martin Luther King Jr.

My greatest regret: Not becoming a professional baseball player.

My most treasured possession: My family.

Something I wish you asked me: Have you ever appeared on “The Colbert Report” television show?

And my answer! Yes … on Sept. 21, 2006! (Click this link — Aronsohn / Colbert )