The Record

By Evonne Coutros

RIDGEWOOD – Councilman Paul Aronsohn is asking the council to postpone a proposal on tonight’s agenda that he says gives the village manager a raise to $185,000.

“I firmly oppose this resolution for both substantive and procedural reasons,” Aronsohn said.  “Substantively, it would be wrong to give any public employee a $20,000, 12 percent salary increase after one year of service. Procedurally, it would be wrong to vote on this resolution without any real chance for public comment on it. Ridgewood residents deserve better.”

Ken Gabbert was hired in 2009 at a salary of $165,000 a year. The proposal to increase the salary is last on tonight’s agenda and Aronsohn said the discussion should be placed first so it can be held earlier.

“How in good conscience can you give a 12 percent salary increase to the village manager when so many Ridgewood residents are struggling with their own financial challenges and so many Ridgewood employees have been laid off, Aronsohn said.

“In a sense, Governor Christie is right because New Jersey public officials should not be making more than the governor himself. This should be postponed a month to have the public in Ridgewood comment on it. The taxpayers have a say in it.”

Tonight’s public council meeting is at 8 p.m. at Village Hall at 131 North Maple Ave.