Bergen Record

By Chris Harris

RIDGEWOOD — A new flag will be hoisted into the air above Memorial Park at Van Neste Square on Monday morning.

It is a civilian symbol of remembrance, honoring American soldiers killed in combat.

The village’s Memorial Day ceremonies will commence at 11 a.m. at Van Neste Square, with the Honor and Remember flag being raised to join the Stars and Stripes.

Featuring a red and white background, gold star and flame design in the center, along with additional patriotic elements, the flag was developed by the father of a soldier who died while fighting in Afghanistan.

Only 19 states officially recognize the flag, and Ridgewood is one of a handful of towns in New Jersey to embrace the flag.

A movement is afoot to have the flag adopted as the nation’s official remembrance flag; opponents claim the U.S. flag suffices.

The Village Council unanimously adopted a resolution May 14 and agreed a copy should be sent to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, urging similar action.

“This flag will serve as an important reminder that we should honor and remember our fallen heroes not just on Memorial Day, but on every day,” said Mayor Paul Aronsohn. “Eventually, I hope every town flies the Honor and Remember flag.”

— Chris Harris

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