Enough is enough. 

The destructive policies.  The divisive rhetoric.  The disregard for views and lives not compatible with his own.   Taken together, Chris Christie’s brand of slash and burn politics is taking its toll on our state, and it’s time to put an end to it.

He has attacked teachers and first responders.  He has attacked ordinary citizens, who had the temerity to question their Governor.  He has attacked women legislators, calling them “jerks” and “liars” and violently suggested that journalists “take the bat” to one woman who represents a Bergen County district.   And now he is attacking his conservative critics, calling them “the crazies.”

He stuck it to seniors, cutting their “senior freeze” rebates after promising them property tax relief.  He stuck it to low income workers, cutting their earned income tax credit after promising not to raise taxes.  He stuck it to law enforcement officers and firefighters, cutting their pensions after promising to protect what he called a “sacred trust.”

During one of the worst snow storms in our state’s history, he abandoned us for warmer weather and then tried to justify it.  During one of the most challenging times in public education, he bungled a $400 million federal grant and then blamed others for it.  During one of the worst budget crises in our state’s history, he took personal trips in the state helicopter and then refused to apologize for it. 

In his quest for revenge, he has gone after those who he believes to have wronged him, including New Jersey Network news, legislators from both parties and a Rutgers professor who headed the state’s redistricting effort.  In his quest for the presidency, he has cut funding for women’s health initiatives, questioned climate change science, and launched an assault on the very union workers who have built our great state.

His dislike of those who disagree with him is obvious.  His disdain for those who challenge him is notorious.  He yells.  He blames.  He never admits fault.  He never takes responsibility.  The buck never seems to stop at his desk.

Suffice it to say, the case against Chris Christie is clear and compelling.  And suffice it to say, we deserve better. 

  • We deserve a Governor who treats us with respect.
  • We deserve a Governor who understands that public service is about serving the public – that in a democracy, the people – not the government – reign supreme.  
  • We deserve a Governor who understands that our state constitution – like our national one – begins with the all-powerful, uniquely American phrase “We the people” and that nowhere in either document does it say “Me the Governor.” 

However, with the next gubernatorial election over two years away, our ability to fix the current situation is limited.  We can speak up.  We can ask more of our other elected officials.  But most importantly, we can – and we must – elect candidates who have the backbone and moral compass to place a necessary check on Christie’s reckless approach to governing.

To this end, we must take this November’s elections seriously.  Although Christie will not himself be on the ballot, we need to use our votes to put in office elected officials, who are willing to fight the good fight against a Governor who doesn’t seem to get it and who too often doesn’t seem to care much about it.

At every level – municipal, county and state — we need to elect candidates who will balance budgets without berating people and reform government without vilifying the very people who teach our children and patrol our streets.  Republicans.  Democrats.  Independents.  Whatever.  We need to elect candidates who genuinely believe in good, representative government and who are willing and able to stand up to a Governor who seemingly doesn’t. 

Simply stated, we need to elect people who represent the very best of New Jersey’s political tradition of civility, bipartisanship and moderation.

Again, Chris Christie must be stopped.  He should not be allowed to continue his divide and conquer approach to governing.  He should not be allowed to pit neighbor against neighbor, parent against teacher, citizen against first responder.  He should not be allowed to go unchecked.

Enough is enough.  New Jersey deserves better.